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there's no lie in her fire

16 January 1992
oh, wow, lovely
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from my rotting body, flowers will grow and i am in them and that is eternity.
crimson sugar

movies :: butch cassidy and the sundance kid, casanova (bbc), equilibrium, hair, hard candy, the lion king, v for vendetta

tv :: blackadder, bones, graham norton show, how i met your mother, hustle, red dwarf, skins, survivor

books :: bloody jack, the crimson petal and the white, forever amber, gone with the wind, harry potter, middlesex

music :: blue october, bright eyes, josiah leming, lydia, monty are i, simon & garfunkel, the wallflowers

i'm not that complicated; i can be simple when i want to.

i prefer befriending people long-distance; it's much easier for me to let go then.

i don't think of myself as shallow, although some of what i write in my lj may contradict this sentiment.

maybe that's why i can accept the fact that perhaps i'm not 100% real; i don't think anyone truly is.

i'm a pessimist, though things are never as bad as i believe them to be; i've yet to learn.